Trick out your ride Knoebels style
500 piece, 12"X36" Panoramic Knoebels Puzzle
Knoebels Ornament - Twister
Knoebels Ornament - Old Mill
Knoebels Ornament - Four Rides
Knoebels Ornament - Character Trio Ornament
Share those wonderful Knoebels Family Trip memories around a warm fire this season with our signature Carousel Horse ornament.
Bring home a new friend for a little one with the Knoebels Piper Plush. This stuffed toy is soft and made for hugging. It looks just like our Knoebels Park character and keeps those Knoebels memories close to everyone's heart!
7" stuffed beanie Piper, not recommended for children 3 and under.
Special limited edition 90th anniversary boxcar designed and manufactured by Lionel for Knoebels.
Kozmo & Dexter StratosFear Ornament
Ornament - Brass Phoenix Hill