Easter - Bundle of Fun

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Save a bundle of time and effort with this fun and tasty box filled with Knoebels goodies!  Enjoy Stony Gable's sweets, Kandy Korners treats, a Kozmo Beanie AND RIDE TICKETS! Best of all it arrives at your door in one convenient box.  

  • Kandy Korners Cotton Candy 5oz
  • Kandy Korners Caramel Corn 5oz
  • Stony Gables Mini Chocolate Covered Pretzels 1/4 lb
  • Stony Gables Rock Candy Pops (2)
  • Stony Gables Rainbow Licorice Laces 6oz
  • $20 Ride Ticket Book
  • 8" Stuffed Kozmo Beanie
  • UPC00000001
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One of Stony Gable's most sought after sweets! Now available in single serve (1/4lb) "A la Carte" packages.
Light, fluffy, sweet and totally addicting. Each bite will remind you of your summer of fun at Knoebels! Kandy Korners Cotton Candy, now available in single serve "A la Carte" packages.
16.0" x 12.0" x 6.0" made of neoprene magnetic snap closure expandable fully lined bungy cord handles
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